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GIANTS FROM ETERNITY Manly Wade Wellman 1st HC fine

Portland/SF; Night Shade Books; 2004. 1st edition hardcover. "It was Oliver Noll Norfleet who first said the strange red Earth-blight that appeared to flourish in western Kansas was a new form of independent life. That was on the fourth day, after it had spread a mile, and men had learned, by harrowing first-hand experience, their own danger and helplessness...." (Page 1) Scientist Oliver Norfleet and his college buddy Spencer DuPogue are called by the Board of Science, to investigate a mysteriously expanding red blight that is growing around the site of a meteor crash. With the help of the daughter of a famous scientist, they soon discover that the blight is not only alive, but that it consumes nearly everything in its path. When their own abilities prove inadequate, they are forced to turn to the greatest scientific minds that history has to offer. Can Norfleet and DuPogue and the Giants from Eternity stop the blight before the entire Earth is consumed? As an added bonus, we will be including the novella The Timeless Tomorrow. Giants from Eternity was first published in the July, 1939 issue of Startling Stories. Not seen since the 1959 Avalon hardcover, Giants from Eternity is the first of a new series from Night Shade that will be bringing all of Wellman's pulp novels back into print. Jacket art by Vincent di Fate. Fine in fine dj.