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THE GHOSTS OF SUMMER Frances Oliver 1st HC fine

THE GHOSTS OF SUMMER by Frances Oliver. Ashcroft, BC; Ash-Tree Press; 2011. 1st edition hardcover.

ISBN: 9781-55310-128-4. vi+154 pp.

Jacket art by Jason Zerrillo.

Revisiting the past van be difficult, particularly when there is reason to wonder just how much of it really happened. When Stephanie returns to Himmelwood—the site of her childhood summer camps—more than memories are awoken. She confronts events and people who changed her life, and follows the thread of one long-ago summer to its chilling conclusion. What really happened? What did she actually see? Will she ever make peace with THE GHOSTS OF SUMMER?

Frances Oliver's new novel is a dreamy glide down the stream of memory. Shadows chill and humour sparkles as her heroine faces her past to better understand herself and move on with her future.

Complementing the novel is the short story 'The Case of Dr Tisch', a typically Oliver-twisted tale of an idealistic psychiatrist and his ambitious, impatient wife.

Fine in fine dj.