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THE FICTION FACTORY by Jack Dann (& friends). Urbana, Il; Golden Gryphon Press; 2005. 1st edition hardcover. Authors develop certain styles, certain niches in their writings. When two or more authors collaborate on a story, frequently their joint creation exceeds what would have been accomplished by the individuals. In this collaborative collection of Jack Dann's short fiction, all were written with one or more co-authors, including Susan Casper, Gardner Dozois, Gregory Frost, Jack C. Haldeman II, Barry N. Malzberg, Michael Swanwick, Janeen Webb, and George Zebrowski.

Included with each story are introductions by each of the co-authors, relating the inspirations and creative processes in the genesis of the story.

The eighteen stories include the Nebula-nominated "High Steel," with Jack C. Haldeman, set in a future where people are drafted to work for corporations. The story revolves around a Lakota wiseman draftee, about his struggle to keep his traditions and how his ancient knowledge is applied in outer space. "The Gods of Mars," with Gardner Dozois and Michael Swanwick, also nominated for the Nebula Award, is the story of the first manned landing on Mars, and its "storybook" ending, complete with canals or not. Other stories are about time machines and revenge, first dates with Jesus, dinosaurs falling out of the sky, a vampire in a concentration camp, a famous painting that eats critics, a door-to-door computer salesman in Faerie, clowns that knock their audiences dead, performers Buddy, Janis, and Elvis touring together in an afterlife, and a most undignified Jack the Ripper.

Cover art by J. K. Potter.

"A typical Jack Dann story occupies the opposite end of the spectrum from disposable, slight fiction. Be prepared when reading his work to be outraged, engaged and touched by compassion." Science Fiction Weekly. "A reality magician . . . and just when you think he has inoculated you against surprise, he will surprise you again. He's that good." Roger Zelazny, author of the renowned "Amber" Series "Jack Dann's stories are vivid, passionate, and eloquent." Robert Silverberg, author of the classic Dying Inside, and the "Majipoor" Series

100-Copy Slipcased Limited Edition Signed by all 11 Contributors [Note: Since Jack C. Haldeman II passed away on January 1, 2002, his wife, author Barbara Delaplace, has signed this limited edition in his place.]

Fine in fine dj & slipcase.