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THE EXPLOITS OF SOLAR PONS by Basil Copper. Minneapolis, MN: Fedogan & Bremer, 1993. 1st trade hardcover edition. A collection of four novelets which continue the career of the Sherlockian detective originally created by August Derleth. Illustrated by Stefanie Hawks. Readers who have exhausted the Sherlockian canon and the various modern pastiches might well be advised to investigate the strange case of Solar Pons. Mr. Pons was created nearly seventy years ago by the Wisconsin-born writer, August Derleth---who paid Doyle the courtesy of cloning rather than copying the great detective. Names and biographical details were changed, and the setting was moved from the Victorian to the Edwardian year of the 1920's. After Derleth's death, the series was continued by Basil Copper, the British mystery writer who had previously edited The Solar Pons Omnibus. While maintaining the sly mixture of pastiche and homage of its creator, Copper brings to it his own voice and surer sense of place and period detail. Fedogan & Bremer's release of The Exploits of Solar Pons marks the first publication of this collection and the first appearance of any of Copper's Pons stories in a permanent hardcover format. It consists of four novellas featuring the London-based consulting detective Solar Pons and his redoubtable sidekick and chronicler, Dr. Lyndon Parker: "The Adventure of the Verger's Thumb", "The Adventure of the Phantom Face", "The Adventure at the Metropole", and "The Adventure of the Callous Colonel". Limited to 1900 copies. Fine in fine dj.