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EXOTIC GOTHIC Olson (ed) 1st TP

EXOTIC GOTHIC: Forbidden Tales from Our Gothic World, Edited by Danel Olson. Ashcroft, BC; Canada; Ash-Tree Press; 2007. 1st edition hardcover.

ISBN: 978-1-55310-100-0 (Paperback, unlimited).

x + 306pp; Published October 2007.

IN THE OLD GOTHIC, nothing scared so much as a touch of the cold and the foreign in the midst of the familiar, for it begged the question, 'What has become of the world we knew?'

The twenty-three stories in Exotic Gothic ask this question differently: 'What has become of the world we know?' These stories are concerned with the here and now, and demonstrate how today's international Gothicists are reimagining the traditional setting, mood, and characters of their British, German and French predecessors.

You will not be safe here as you roam the world and travel from Tanzania to Zanzibar, Mali, Sumatra, Japan, Iraq, Russia, Australia, England, Scotland, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, America, and Canada. On this tour, the uncanny is everywhere. Isn't that the attraction?

CONTENTS: Preface: 'The Gothic Takes a Holiday' by Danel Olson, 'Mbo' by Nicholas Royle, 'In the Desert of Deserts' by Thomas Tessier, 'Going Native' by John Bushore, 'The Butsudan' by Lucy Taylor, 'Twilight in the Green Zone' by David Wellington, 'Jarkman at the Othergates' by Terry Dowling, 'Rustle' by Peter Crowther, 'Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Nameless House of the Night of Dread Desire' by Neil Gaiman, 'Skin of My Soul' by Sean Meriwether, 'The Man Who Stalked Hyde' by William F. Nolan, 'The House by the Bulvarnoye Koltso' by Steve Rasnic Tem, 'Bones' by Ilsa J. Bick, 'Extinctions in Paradise' by Brian Hodge, From Against Gravity by Farnoosh Moshiri, 'Tide Pool' by Douglas Unger, 'The Black and White Sisters' by T. C. Boyle, 'The Pumpkin Child' by Nancy A. Collins, 'Ever After' by James Cortese, 'Lovecraft's Pillow' by Mark Steensland and Rick Hautala, 'Purity' by Thomas Ligotti, 'Waiting for the 400' by Kyle Marffin, From Beasts by Joyce Carol Oates, 'The Wide Wide Sea' by Barbara Roden.

This wonderful anthology contains eight brand new stories—those by James Cortese, Terry Dowling, William F. Nolan, Barbara Roden, Mark Steensland and Rick Hautala, Lucy Taylor, Steve Rasnic Tem, and David Wellington.