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EXOTIC GOTHIC 2 Danel Olson (ed) LIMITED HC fine

EXOTIC GOTHIC 2: NEW TALES OF TABOO, Edited by Danel Olson. Ashcroft, BC, Canada; Ash-Tree Press; 2008. 1st edition hardcover.

ISBN: 978-1-55310-109-3 (Limited Edition Hardback - 350 copies).

x+318pp. Published September 2008.

Be drawn into Gothic enigmas from seven continents, and struggle to find your own explanation for the inexplicable in these twenty-four original stories. Identify with bewildered, ghost-ridden characters facing (or becoming) monstrosity. Let the darkness—from a dress dummy to a rogue nuclear state—creep closer to your living experience . . . and discern the Gothic secret: the revelation of the monster's purpose.

Almost viral in its adaptability, the nouveau Gothique transforms itself in these pages, feeding off broader cultural anxieties. Skilfully violating conventions of horror and suspense—and opening the door to other genres including fantasy, historical account, and travel narrative—the freshness of its stories infects us with something unknown. Our old expectations offer no antibodies to this latest mutation.


Preface: 'A Twenty-first Century Gothic' by Danel Olson;

ASIA: 'Remembrance' by Dean Francis Alfar, 'The Arrangement' by Edward P. Crandall, 'Side-Effects May Include' by Steve Duffy, 'Stones' by Genni Gunn, 'The Most Precious Thing in Antalya' by Milorad Pavic, 'Englightenment' by John Whitbourn,

AFRICA: 'Blood Reader' by George Makana Clark, 'Very Low-Flying Aircraft' by Nicholas Royle,

EUROPE: 'The Barony at Rodal' by Peter Bell, 'The Ice Wedding' by Nancy Collins, 'Arkangel' by Christopher Fowler, 'Tivar' by Taylor Kincaid, 'Black Death' by Kenneth McKenney, 'A Donkey at the Mysteries' by Reggie Oliver, 'Burning Snow' by Steve Rasnic Tem, 'Grvnice' by David Wellington,

NORTH AMERICA: 'Monkey Bottom' by John Bushore, 'Los Penitentes' by Elizabeth Massie, 'One Thousand Dragon Sheets' by Tia V. Travis,

SOUTH AMERICA: 'A Line Through el Salar d'Uyuni' by Adam Golaski,

AUSTRALIA: 'Empathy' by Stephen Dedman, From CLOWNS AT MIDNIGHT by Terry Dowling, 'Kulpunya' by Robert Hood,

ANTARCTICA: 'Endless Night' by Barbara Roden.



'With its stellar line-up of international talent, EXOTIC GOTHIC 2 is the must-read anthology of the year' (F. Paul Wilson, author of JACK: SECRET HISTORIES).

'The great power and appeal of this Gothic are found in its ability to reach directly into our subconscious minds, and to the precariousness and uncertainty of life itself' (Thomas Tessier, author of RAPTURE).

'EXOTIC GOTHIC 2 is a new anthology of Gothic fiction to scare the tutae out of the universe! For those of you who get frightened to close your eyes at night because the boogie man might get you, this anthology of fright fiction will keep you awake—and alive—at least till morning.' (Witi Ihimaera, author of THE WHALE RIDER)

'The concept of a horror anthology structured by world regions is enticing in itself. Danel Olson's first such compilation of exo-terror tales in EXOTIC GOTHIC included some of the finest writing in the genre. In this sequel anthology, which is even more focused on unfamiliar territory, the writing is equally fine and each of its locales is well explored for the peculiar horrors they hold. What H. P. Lovecraft did for New England, EXOTIC GOTHIC 2 does on a global scale. (Thomas Ligotti, author of TEATRO GROTTESCO.)

Fine in fine dj.