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THE EBB TIDE – A Langdon St. Ives Adventure by James P. Blaylock, dust jacket and interior illustrations by J. K. Potter.

ISBN: 978-1-59606-228-3.

Length: 128 pages.

The first new Langdon St. Ives adventure in nearly two decades!

A flaming meteor over the Yorkshire Dales, a long-lost map drawn by the lunatic Bill “Cuttle” Kraken, and the discovery of a secret subterranean shipyard beneath the River Thames lead Professor Langdon St. Ives and his intrepid friend Jack Owlesby into the treacherous environs of Morecambe Bay, with its dangerous tides and vast quicksand pits. They descend beneath the sands of the Bay itself, into a dark, unknown ocean littered with human bones and the remnants of human dreams. In this tale of murder, infamy, and Victorian intrigue, the tides of destiny shift relentlessly and rapidly as the stakes grow ever higher and the pursuit more deadly....

Limited to 1500 signed hardcover copies.

From Booklist: “Blaylock tips his hat to Robert Louis Stevenson in the afterword (as well as the title), which seems quite right. Cracking entertainment.”

From Bookslut: "Alternate history detective Professor Langdon St. Ives returns in Subterranean Press’s The Ebb Tide, a steampunk adventure that includes one wicked cool submarine, a lost (and recently recovered) map, mysterious bad guys with guns and a final confrontation in Morecambe Bay 'with its dangerous tides and vast quicksand pits.' St. Ives continues to be his brilliant deductive self although this time around more of the action is focused on stalwart sidekick (and faithful biographer) Jack Owlesby, who affords himself quite admirably in several dangerous situations above water and below."

From Publishers Weekly: "Explorer-scientist Langdon St. Ives and narrator Jack Owlesby (familiar from 2008’s The Adventures of Langdon St. Ives) embark upon a new steampunk adventure in this slight but enjoyable novella. A battered old map, possibly drawn by St. Ives’s long-missing companion, Bill Kraken, displays the location of a strange object that plunged to earth years earlier. Hilario Frosticos [ED: aka Dr. Ignacio Narbondo], longtime nemesis to St. Ives, is also in pursuit, and a series of amusing feints and counterfeints culminates in a frantic race to an underwater grotto."

Fine in fine dj.