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THE DEVIL'S WINE Piccirilli (ed) 1st HC

THE DEVIL'S WINE edited by Tom Piccirilli. Baltimore, MD; CD Publications; 2004. 1st edition hardcover. "Poetry is the devil's wine." -- St. Augustine Cemetery Dance Publications is proud to announce THE DEVIL'S WINE, a poetry anthology edited by best-selling author Tom Piccirilli. The contributors include Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Peter Straub, Graham Masterton, Charles De Lint, Jack Ketchum, Joe Haldeman, Michael Bishop, Jack Cady, Steve Rasnic Tem, Melanie Tem, Peter Crowther, TM Wright, Brian Hodge, Edward Lee, Elizabeth Massie, Jay Bonansinga, and Tamara Thorne. The Cemetery Dance hardcover is the only edition for this title, and many of the nearly 200 poems have never appeared anywhere else. Stephen King's amazing contributions were originally published in small venues during his college years and these publications now resell for thousands of dollars due to their scarcity. The King poems haven't seen print in over 30 years--this is the only time they have ever been reprinted! The poetry found within THE DEVIL'S WINE is deeply moving, affecting, and deals with the human condition in a way that only those who've danced along the edge of the abyss are capable of understanding. One of the contributors, Jay Bonansinga, calls THE DEVIL'S WINE "a unique compendium of thriller writers moonlighting in the world of dark verse" and that's about the best description we've heard yet.

Table of Contents:

Stephen King: The Dark Man Donovan's Brain The Hardcase Speaks Harrison State Park '68 Silence In the key-chords of dawn...

Peter Straub: Facing Land's End Reading the Well A Triple-Decker Novel From the Heian Court Coming to Rest Photographic Plate Withstanding, Saving, Moving Text

Graham Masterton: Marriage Gauguin Wooden Bread Les Professeurs Sunday Prayer Meeting A Farewell to Ireland Lot's Wife System Speed

Charles de Lint: 19 Haiku Puppet Arabesque Words For Lisa, from Suki Cherokee Girl Medicine Road Tower & Bear

Jack Ketchum: two ku 11/11/87 poetic 7/69 arthur sleeping woman christmas day, 1969 bethel, new york, august 16, 1969 hoboe johnnie mack brown 4/11/02 beast

Joe Haldeman: Eighteen Years Old, October Eleventh Saul's Death The Orion Nebula - Mother of Stars Pairs Adventures in Space and Time Duet for Tenor and Vehicle Catastrophe Theory Audience Participation The Only Way The Number of the Man Literary Cubism Saves the Universe

Jack Cady: Handsprings Them Salt Lake Papas Love Poem 25 Words or Less Love Poem for C. Joseph Conrad Love Poem for the Ex Cocktail Party We Visit Mount Rainier One More (^#&*(*) Rejection Slip Love Poem for C

Steve Rasnic Tem: Poe's Grave The Adoptions Nocturne What Happens At Night The Dead Who Do Not Sleep Under Green Street What Must Not Happen All Used Up The Window The Colors of Dark This is the Last Time I'm Telling the Truth

Melanie Tem: Primordial Haiku Uncommon Name The Car The Day I Rode Go-Carts with My Son Taking Nourishment Dinner Conversations Certain Light Cacodemon Woman Wailing Silent Letter Seeing You Whole

TM Wright: The Morning of a Departure More Middle-Age Craziness The Music of the Night Mr. Death 2035-Redux Weldon Kees Sunsets in 1962 The Sign at Vera's Restaurant Only Two Legs and No Silk Lost at 2:00 AM Breakdown

Tamara Thorne: Jugular Vine Hot Burger Love The Haunted Grave La Purisima Haiku'se Me Pet Haikus The Three Evils The Boardwalk at Candle Bay The Pharmacist's Lament Toasting Harlan Ellison

Ray Bradbury: The Boys Across the Street are Driving My Young Daughter Mad The Thing That Goes by Night: the Self that Lazes Sun The Past is the Only Dead Thing that Smells Sweet The Other Me No More Cameras, No More Ghosts I Have Endured Much to Reach this Place

Peter Crowther: Tonnebrugh Dear Diary Downer Other Trains Beyond the Window The Places Where the Slingfang Grows The Nine-to-Five Spaceman Conversation Memories The City Outside Where the Heart Is Carol, We Need to Talk In Mendaala, With The Rains

Brian Hodge: Communion Ex Utero Generation Z Six Flags Over Jesus With A Lover To Be Designated Later One More Path Not Taken Sunrise, Dressed For Dusk Long After the Sun Has Set On Salvador Black Sheep Blues

Edward Lee: Exit (1991) Secret Edit Number Fifty-two Unknown Female Horror Writer on Dance Floor R.I.P. (To Ian Curtis) Glyphic Porn Loop Existential Bolide Meteors Four Female Voices in an Empty Room Edit From May Fifth at Three Thirty-Seven A.M. Edit Number Twelve (1989) The Head Exit (1990) Number Nine One Four Solstice The Goddess of the New Dark Age Abstraction Number Two

Elizabeth Massie: East Side Morning, 1896 Cat, Perturbed For the Holidays Frozen Orchard Stinky Square Eyes Hike Sluggish Synapse Blues Tryptic o' Terror Virginia Town, 1963 Wal-Martin'

Jay Bonansinga: Fragment X Horror is Dead, Long Live Horror Nocturne for the Lady in the Green Hat (Hopper's Chop Suey Restaurant) Meditation on Evil #213 Ode to the Earth and My Wife The Razor in the Apple Clothed in the Moon Hair Cut My Boys

Michael Bishop: Her Chimpanion To a Chimp Held Captive for Purposes of Research Philip K. Dick is Dead, A Lass Between Classes Planetarium Come to My House for Chili: A Rant Dead Poet Parable A Meeting The Hornet "In my Solitary Prowl: An Owl Poem," by Susannah Huckaby, Age 12 "Sheik, the Sock-Puppet Owl, Speaks," by Susannah Huckaby, Age 12 "Shock, the Sock-Puppet Owl, Also has her Say," by Susannah Huckaby, Age 12 "An Elegy for Mister Piet the Owl," by Susannah Huckaby, Age 12 "An Owl at the Crucifixion," by Susannah Huckaby, Age 12

Tom Piccirilli: When You Look Down to Find Yourself Going but Not Yet Gone How to Make It Through a Friday Night Without Biting Your Tongue in Two Jones Beach, Thirty Years After the Last Sand Castle The Toll of Your Personal Evil Troll Nunzio, Sixty Years Dead, Lying at My Side, Staring Concern How to Perform Heart Surgery with Someone Else's Gaze Why I Can't Stand Behind Some People, And Why You Ought to Be Scared About It One For the Worm What You Leave Behind on the Side of Your Plate The Curve After Which the Engine Squeals My Conscience Shattered by a Jittery Scrawl Staring Into a Bitter Face I've Seen Before Sylvia Poised on the Division Bridge Sunday, While the Sauce Simmers.