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DEAD CATS TRAVELING CIRCUS OF WONDERS AND MIRACLE MEDICINE SHOW edited by Gerard Houarner & GAK. Orlando, FL; Necro Press; 2006. 1st edition hardcover. DEAD CAT LIVES!

You threw away the kitty litter, didnít you. But thatís okay, he doesnít need it. Donít bother running out for a bag of cat chow, the stuff falls right out of him. Afraid of fleas in his fur? Theyíre afraid of him! Heís dead, but heís back, and heís looking for you! Donít think spending a few thousand years buried in sand can keep Dead Cat down. Heís gone through Hell to come back because he knows you canít live without him!

Break out the surgical tape for those mummy wrap malfunctions. Fluff up the old comfy pillow, find a nice, sunny spot by the window and settle down with Dead Cat, GAK, and sixteen twisted horror writers who enjoy playing with dead things for the finest Circus of Wonders and Miracle Medicine Show youíll ever experience. Dead Cat guarantees your satisfaction!

Remember, Dead Cat came back from the dead for you! Itís not wise to ignore the dead...

Tim Lebbon, Gary A Braunbeck, Brian Hodge, Jeffrey Thomas, Linda D. Addison, Gerard Houarner, Trey R. Barker, Jack Haringa, Michael T. Huyck, Jr., Garrett Peck, P.D.Cacek, Michelle Scalise, Robert Rhine, Mark McLaughlin, Wrath James White, Aaron Worley.

With artwork from: GAK, Alan M. Clark, Erik Wilson, Chad Savage.

Fine in fine dj. Issued in a SIGNED/LIMITED edition of 300 hardcover copies.

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