Harrogate, UK: PS Publishing, 2003. First Edition hardcover. One of 300 numbered copies, SIGNED by both the author and Brian W. Aldiss who wrote the introduction. Would you sacrifice humanity to save the planet Earth? Cole is an obscure professor at an undistinguished community college--a man without a future. Lee is a Chinese political refugee with a Texas accent --a man without a past. They share a tiny office, a taste for Edward Abbey (and Jack Daniels), and an awesome destiny. For the most fateful decision in human history is theirs to make. One fateful Friday night, Cole and Lee join hands (literally) and embark on a journey to retrieve a formula that will change, or end, human history. A journey through Time. Along the way, they are witness to all the horror and all the glory of our tomorrows--from the cannibal seals of the next Ice Age to the final campfire under a dying sun; from the seductions of 30th century Paris to the pleasures of a dinner party a hundred million years in the future. They even find time to meet man's best friend, as well as his most indifferent enemy. It's a billion-year leap -- the perfect way to spend a long weekend that stretches all the way from Friday night to the End of Time. And your presence is requested as well. Fine in fine dj.

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