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THE DAY IT RAINED FOREVER by Ray Bradbury, intro by Caitlin Kiernan, cover by Tomislav Tikulin. Hornsea, East Yorkshire, UK; PS Publishing; 2008. 1st SIGNED/LIMITED/DELUXE 2 volume set.

Synopsis / Contents:

Three old men awaiting the January rains in a ghost town hotel in a burning desert are visited by a strange musician.

A homesick family of colonists on Mars begin to notice that each is undergoing a subtle transformation.

A man seeking the forgotten scent of sarsaparilla in his attic passes through a window into the lost land of his boyhood.

Once read, Ray Bradbury's words are never forgotten. His best-known and most beloved books are masterworks that readers carry with them over a lifetime. His timeless, constant appeal to audiences young and old has proven him to be one of the truly classic authors of the 20th and 21st Centuries.

The Day It Rained Forever was originally published in 1959 as A Medicine For Melancholy in the US and as The Day It Rained Forever in the UK. The British edition, published by Rupert Hart-Davis, omitted 'A Medicine for Melancholy', 'The First Night of Lent', 'All Summer in a Day' and 'The Great Collision of Monday Last', replacing them with 'Referent', 'Almost the End of the World', 'Here There Be Tygers', 'Perchance to Dream' and 'And the Rock Cried Out'. Additionally, the story 'The Shoreline at Sunset' is titled 'The Sunset Harp' in the UK edition.

This two-volume Ray Bradbury deluxe gift set includes both The Day it Rained Forever and A Medicine for Melancholy. Pete Crowther explains the significance:

"As I'm sure you'll already know, Medicine and Rained were essentially the same book re-titled for the split between UK and US audiences ... but with four stories different in each title (ie. there are four in Rained that are not in Medicine and four in Medicine that are not in Rained). This 100-copy special two-book set is signed by Ray Bradbury and Caitlin Kiernan, who has written the Introduction."

Issued in a 100 copy SIGNED/LIMITED/DELUXE 2 volume slipcased edition. Both books are fine in fine djs & slipcase.