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DAMAGE by Lee Thomas. Wales, UK; Sarob Press; 2006. First edition (& 1st printing).. Supernatural novel. A total of 177 copies printed, of which this is one of 135 trade hardcovers. Out of print on publication. Fine copy in a fine dustjacket.

In the suburban community of Pierce Valley the laws of nature are breaking down. The skies above the city are black with storm. Emotions are bent and shattered. A man suffers blackouts, waking to find bizarre symbols heís constructed during his sleep. A woman commits acts of atrocity at the behest of an unlikely messenger. A mother soothes her daughter, a child that died years ago. Neither the living nor the dead can escape this place. Somethings dark is emerging from Pierce Valley ... And itís bringing DAMAGE.

Bram Stoker Award-winner Lee Thomas is the author of dozens of published short stories and non-fiction articles. In addition to numerous magazines, his stories have appeared in the anthologies A Walk on the Darkside (Roc) and The Book of Final Flesh (Eden Studios), and will soon appear in Inferno (Tor). His first novel, Stained, was released in 2004. Thomasís critically acclaimed novella, Parish Damned, followed in 2005.

In 2004, Thomas was the honoured recipient of The Presidentís Award from the Horror Writers Association (HWA). He won the Bram Stoker Award in 2005 for his debut novel, Stained.

Writing as Thomas Pendleton, he is the co-author (with Stefan Petrucha) of Wicked Dead, a series of edgy teen horror novels, forthcoming from HarperCollins. His novel, Mason, is also forthcoming from HarperCollins.


"Damage is beautiful! Lee Thomas has performed the impossible: A sweeping, staggering adventure thatís half the size it should be to deliver so much power. Well-written, carefully schemed and delightfully intense: I cannot recommend DAMAGE enough." James A. Moore, author of SERENITY FALLS and BLOOD RED.

"Another triumphant novel of terror from Lee Thomas! No other author can take the intimate innermost horrors of the personal and expand them to affect an entire town, an entire cast of indelible characters the way Thomas can. If youíre not reading him, youíre missing out on one of the freshest, most important voices in literary horror today." Nicholas Kaufmann, author of WALK IN SHADOWS.