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THE CROW: SHATTERED LIVES & BROKEN DREAMS edited by James O'Barr & Edward Kramer. Hampton Falls, NH: Donald M. Grant 1998. (although not actually released till 2000). Fine in fine tray case, without dj as issued. This is one of only 1,500 limited edition copies signed by over 20 authors and 17 artists. Deluxe stamped traycase. Large 7 X 10 size. Includes the Harlan Ellison short story & Ed Bryant novella that were not in the Trade Edition. This edition does NOT contain the Andrew Vachss story that was in the original trade edition. Publisher description: "He avenges the innocent dead. He stalks the crimson road of the slain. He mourns lost love so ardently that desire and death become one. He is the dream-carrier of holy retribution. And in the name of love he delivers justice to the wicked." -From the Introduction It has been nearly two decades since James O'Barr first painted the harlequin mask onto Eric Draven, and thereby conceived one of the most widely recognized gothic archetypes of today. What began as a comic book has evolved into a franchise of films, novels, merchandise, and even a new television series. But why? Born of personal tragedy, The Crow warps together two of man's strongest emotions and desires in love and revenge. The antihero we have come to know, consciously or not, rejects conventional values and ideals to do ultimately what is right- not because he wants to, but because he's fated to do so. And much like Elric, Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion, the Crow is consumed by his own actions, only to be reborn again. A cycle that will continue for eternity. In the collection The Crow: Shattered Lives and Broken Dreams, we asked the genre's finest writers, artists, and poets to lend their voice to O'Barr's vision. Many have integrated their own stories and characters with that of The Crow, to provide you with a most unique window into the psyche of a new chronic outlaw. You will be angered and fulfilled, satiated and left empty. But you won't be disappointed. Enjoy. With this chilling collection of stories and poems, J. O'Barr - the creator of The Crow - and Ed Kramer host an ominous array of interpretations of the gothic phenomenon by acclaimed writers well acquainted with the dark side, including Alan Dean Foster, Ramsey Campbell, Gene Wolfe, Storm Constantine, Nancy Collins, Harlan Ellison, Iggy Pop, and Henry Rollins. Featuring original artwork by such top artists as Ron Walotsky, Tom Canty, Tim Bradstreet, Don Maitz, and Bob Eggleton. The Crow: Shattered Lives ~ Broken Dreams evokes a modern night-world and its tormented denizens ensnared by unspeakable evil, enslaved by unquenchable longing, engulfed by the thirst for revenge, and enfolded by the enigmatic, eternal wings of The Crow. Here a resurrected gunslinger gets a final showdown with his archenemy. . . A murder victim and a dying boy mete out poetic justice to a sadistic criminal. . . A serial killer turned government assassin takes three abused children under his savage wing . . . A tormented rogue cop literally fights fire with fire . . . A wise talking crow guides the vengeful hand of a murdered girl's lover. . . and much more. For both the confirmed fan and the curious newcomer, this spellbinding, shocking, darkly sensual collection offers passage to an extraordinary literary realm: a place of macabre morality tales and existential adventures, of terror and tenderness from which no reader can hope to leave unchanged. For when you take flight with The Crow, there is no turning back. 1,500 copies signed by over 20 authors and 17 artists 55 full page illustrations - 19 in full color Deluxe stamped traycase Large 7 X 10 size Includes the Harlan Ellison short story & Ed Bryant novella that were not in the Trade Edition Table of Contents: Preface - Ed Kramer, Foreword - A. A. Attanasio, Introduction: The Crow Theory - A. A. Attanasio, Fleas (poem) - Iggy Pop, Spooky, Codeine, and the Dead Man - James O’Barr, Goings Forth (poem) - James S. Dorr, The Blood-Red Sea - Chet Williamson, Twice by Fire - Ramsey Campbell, Joy Divided (poem) - Douglas E. Winter, Triad - Janny Wurts, The Night Chough - Gene Wolfe, Hot Animal Machine (poem) - Henry Rollins, The Shuttlecock - Edward Bryant, Variations on a Theme - Nancy A. Collins, Paragenesis - Storm Constantine, Breach (poem) - Christine Crow, Carrion Crows - Jane Yolen & Robert Harris, Red as Jade - S. P. Somtow, Jesus Christ’s Wrists - James O’Barr, Procrastinator - Alan Dean Foster, The King of Birds - Caitlín R. Kiernan, Prophecy (poem) - Lisa Lepovetsky, Spike Team - Rex Miller, Lament for the Gunwitch - Christopher Golden, Photo Album (poem) - Alexandra Elizabeth Honigsberg, Hellbent - A. A. Attanasio, Moving Toward the Light - Rick R. Reed, Corvix Canto (poem) - K. Ken Johnson, China Doll - Charles de Lint, Spirit Dog - Jack Dann, Darkness and the Shadow of Light (poem) - James O’Barr, Wings Burnt Black - John Shirley, ...and a short story from Harlan Ellison that was NOT in the trade edition. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLEASE NOTE: due to size & value International oders will only be shipped by EMS for $55.00. Shipping cost will be adjusted at checkout.


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