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COLLECTED STORIES Richard Matheson 1st TP

COLLECTED STORIES volume 1 by Richard Matheson. Colorado Springs, CO; Edge Books (an imprint of Gauntlet); 2003. 1st edition trade paperback. This contains: Born of Man and Woman; Third from the Sun; When the Waker Sleeps; Blood Son; Clothes Make the Man; Dress of White Silk; Return; The Thing; Through Channels; Witch War; Advance Notice; Brother to the Machine; F--; Lover When You're Near Me; Mad House; Shipshape Home; SRL Ad; To Fit the Crime; Death Ship; Disappearing Act; The Disinheritors; Dying Room Only; Full Circle; The Last Day; Lazarus II; Legion of Plotters; Little Girl Lost; Long Distance Call; along with short pieces by Ray Bradbury; William F. Nolan; and Robert Bloch. Fine.

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