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THE COLLECTED JORKENS volume 3 by Lord Dunsany. Portland, OR/SanFranscisco CA; Night Shade Books; 2005. 1st edition hardcover. The third in Night Shade's three volume set collecting all of Lord Dunsany's Jorkens stories.


Foreword by Michael Dirda, Introduction by S. T. Joshi, Bibliographical Note.

Jorkens Borrows Another Whiskey: Preface, The Two-Way War, A Nice Lot of Diamonds, Letting Bygones Be Bygones, The Lost Invention, On Other Paths, The Partner, Poulet ŗ la Richelieu, A Walk in the Night, One Summerís Evening, A Friend of the Family, An Eccentricity of Genius, Influenza, The Unrecorded Test Match, Idle Tears, Among the Neutrals, An Idyll of the Sahara, The Devil among the Willows, A Spanish Castle, The New Moon, The Gods of Clay, A Rash Remark, The Story of Jorkensí Watch, The Track through the Wood, Snow Water, The Greatest Invention, The Verdict, A Conversation in Bond Street, The Reward, Which Way?, A Desperado in Surrey, Misadventure, A Long Memory, An Absentminded Professor, Greek Meets Greek.

The Last Book of Jorkens:

A Fatal Mistake, A Prophet Without Honour, A Big Bang, Jorkensí Regret, The Two Scientists, The Lost Charm, Bringing Things Up to Date, A Snake Story, The Deal, In the Mojave, A Modern Conqueror, The Little Light, Across the Colour Bar, A Bit of Counter-Espionage, A Wonderful Day, Not Guilty, The Explanation, A Deal with a Witch, Jorkensí Dilemma, A Plaything of Our Betters, The Visitor, On Wings of Song.

Uncollected Tales:

The Two Jenets, A Meeting of Spirits, The Ultimate Goal.

Fine without dj as issued.