Harrogate, UK; PS Publishing; 2004 1st hardcover edition. Jack and his father have been through a lot, and when they reach the coast they think they have found safety. There's a beached ferry there, and a community of survivors from the living-dead plague that has swept the land. To begin with, things seem fine. And then the full moon comes, and the ferry is attacked by unnatural creatures far more powerful and determined than lumbering zombies. When dawn arrives the survivors count the cost... and Jack feels something calling him along the coast. He leaves the ferry and his father to venture into the wilderness, thinking that he can help but, in reality, sensing something far more malevolent luring him away. His growing sense of betrayal is countered by the strange new desires he is experiencing. It is only at the next full moon that Jack is made to realise the implications of what he has done. Introduction by Simon Clark. Cover art by Alan M. Clark. This is one of the 300 hardcover copies, signed by the author and Simon Clark, who provides the introduction. Fine in fine dj.

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