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CEMETERY DANCE MAGAZINE issue #59. Forest Hill, MD; CD Publications; 2008.

Publication Date: 2008. Cover Artist: Mike Bohatch. Interior Artists: Chris Hill, Joseph Larkin, Alex McVey, Billy Tackett, Erin Wells. Page Count: 136.


"Burying Betsy" by Brian Keene, "The Horticulturist's Daughter" by Darren Speegle, "Painkeeper" by Lawrence C. Connolly, "Bog Man" by Paul Finch, "A Wiggle of Maggot, a Curl of Bacon" by Steve Vernon, "Ghostwriting" by Eric Brown, "The Gaki" by Stephen Mark Rainey, "Fenstad's End" by Sarah Langan.


"A Conversation with Brian Keene" by Nick Mamatas, "A Conversation with Stephen Jones" by Matt Cardin, "Rising Stars: A Conversation with Steve Vernon" by Michael McBride.

The Usual Suspects:

"Words from the Editors" by Robert Morrish & Richard Chizmar, "The Mothers and Fathers Italian Association" by Thomas F. Monteleone, "Stephen King News: From The Dead Zone" by Bev Vincent, "MediaDrome" by Michael Marano, "CD Reviews" by Various.