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CEMETERY DANCE MAGAZINE Issue #51, 2005. Cover art by Keith Minnion. Interior art by Randy Broecker, Alex Mcvey, Julia Morgan-Scott, Chad Savage. 112 pages

Fiction: "Outrage" by Stephen Laws, "S& Man" by Jt Petty, "Watermelon" by Scott Nicholson, "Special Delivery" by Bev Vincent, "Binky" by Sephera Giron, "Burning Names" by Cody Goodfellow, "Mr. Goodnight" by Kealan Patrick Burke.

Non-Fiction: "A Conversation With Stephen Laws" by Rick Kleffel, "A Conversation With Sephera Giron" by Nathan Tyler, "Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em... " by John Skipp, "A Conversation With Chelsea Quinn Yarbro" by Hank Wagner, "A Conversation With Steve Gerlach" by Ron Clinton, "Feature Review: In The Night Room" by Bev Vincent.

The Usual Suspects: Words From The Editors -- Robert Morrish & Richard Chizmar, Stephen King News: From The Dead Zone -- Bev Vincent, The Mothers And Fathers Italian Association -- Thomas F. Monteleone, Waves Of Fear -- Paula Guran, Mediadrome -- Michael Marano, Collecting Modern Horror -- John Pelan, CD Reviews -- Various.