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Cemetery Dance Magazine Issue #47 Cover by Alan M. Clark Fiction "Storm Drain" -- David J. Schow "Araneida" -- Harry Shannon "The Marybell Women" -- T.M. Wright "The Forgotten" -- William P. Simmons "The Two Deaths" -- Edo van Belkom "Reflections Of..." -- Gary A. Braunbeck "Number 121 To Pennsylvania" -- Kealan Patrick Burke Non-Fiction A Conversation with David J. Schow -- Rick Kleffel A Conversation with Edo van Belkom -- Nathan Tyler A Conversation with Joe Bob Briggs -- Stacey Cochran Spotlight on Publishing: Haffner Press -- Ed Gorman The Usual Suspects Words From The Editors -- Robert Morrish & Richard Chizmar Stephen King News: From The Dead Zone -- Bev Vincent The Mothers And Fathers Italian Association -- Thomas F. Monteleone Waves Of Fear -- Paula Guran Mediadrome -- Michael Marano Collecting Modern Horror -- John Pelan CD Reviews -- Various Fine.