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BUDAYEEN NIGHTS George Alec Effinger 1st HC OOP

Urbana, IL; Golden Gryphon Press; 2003. 1st edition hardcover. Welcome to the Budayeen, the walled city in the sand, a city of dark shadows and even darker inhabitants, where author George Alec Effinger has created a Raymond Chandleresque vision — hardboiled, noir — but with a twist: Here, in the Budayeen, Orthodox Islam meets brain-wiring technology. From the tall, ancient mosque towers, the strong voices of the muezzin call the faithful to morning devotions, while the city's denizens — those with intracranial implants — chip in a moddy with add-on daddies just to get through another day. With a personality module you could literally become any other person — fiction or real — and the add-ons grant instant knowledge of a language or skill.

It is written that: "Within [these] walls the pickpockets, whores, thieves, and cutthroats could do as they liked to each other. A death in the Budayeen didn't attract much attention in the rest of the city." In "Schrödinger's Kitten" — Effinger's best known story, and winner of the Nebula, Hugo, Theodore Sturgeon, and Japanese Seiun Awards — a young girl's visions portend myriad possible quantum futures, all focused around her likely encounter with a would-be rapist. We are then treated to a day in the life of sex goddess and screen star Honey Pílar, and the making of her latest blockbuster sex moddy, "Slow, Slow Burn." In "King of the Cyber Rifles," a lone soldier of the Mahdi's army chips in a weapons system command moddy to protect a strategic pass from armed rebels, until the system becomes compromised.

This collection also includes four tales of Marîd Audran — former street punk and "fix it" man — the protagonist in Effinger's three highly acclaimed Budayeen novels: When Gravity Fails (1987, Hugo and Nebula Awards finalist), A Fire in the Sun (1989, Hugo Award finalist), and The Exile Kiss (1991). In the previously unpublished "Marîd Throws a Party," Audran, in an alcohol-induced haze, unknowingly becomes embroiled in a death at his nightclub while celebrating his own birthday.

Budayeen Nights gathers together for the first time all nine tales of George Alec Effinger's walled city. From the city's sordid, decadent underbelly to the glamorous excesses of the sex-moddy industry, Effinger brings alive the sites and smells — and inhabitants — of the Budayeen: . On any given night, where else would you want to be?

With an insightful Foreword and story introductions by Barbara Hambly, author of the "Benjamin January" mystery series.

Fine in fine dj. Limited to 3000 copies. OUT OF PRINT.