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BRONZE by Kit Reed. Portland/SF; Night Shade Books; 2005. 1st edition hardcover.

The new novel from the author of Thinner Than Thou and @expectations, Bronze is a brooding tale of love and art and dark ambition.

When Jude Atkins hops a plane to be with a handsome artist she met on-line, she has no idea what horrors await her on the Carolina coast. Peter Benedict says he’s a painter, but all the Benedicts are sculptors. His powerful mother, Ava, rules the family, and Ava has a secret. Benedict bronzes are world-famous, but why? Is it talent or is some unseen force at work deep inside the decaying house? Peter loves Jude, but this is not the first time he’s been in love. What happened to Dana, the first woman he brought home to Wayward Plantation? Why is his father so troubled, and what made his father’s generation flee to the other side of the world?

This gifted, troubled family has a secret Jude will learn only when it’s almost too late. The old house hides a terrible legacy that ties the Benedicts to Wayward, where beautiful, dangerous Ava rules and Thorne, her hulking henchman, lurks. Now Ava is calling them all back...

"Seductive pacing and Reed’s trademark glittering prose make this a chilling, satisfying exploration of art for art’s sake vs. life for life’s sake." – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“The effect of reading Kit Reed is similar to the experience of Jacobean tragedy. We may laugh at the farce as it escalates, but our laughter is always cut with terror and pity, because we know that for the characters, what is happening is real and deadly. What for us is farce, for them is hell.” – infinity plus

“[Reed has]an ear for dialogue and a truly wild imagination... provocative...” – People

“Reed surely pushes us, creating stories which question the nature of nature, the reality of reality.” – The Review of Contemporary Fiction

“Reed makes hilarious, terrifying sense of the world...” – Michael Moorcock

The limited edition of Bronze features the unpublished short story "Dream Decor", is signed by the author, and limited to 125 copies.

Cover art by Edward Miller.

Fine in fine dj.

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