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THE BOATS OF THE GLEN CARRIG Hodgson volume 1 trade HC

THE BOATS OF THE "GLEN CARRIG" AND OTHER NAUTICAL ADVENTURES: The Collected Fiction of William Hope Hodgson volume 1. William Hope Hodgson. San Francisco/Portland: Night Shade Books, 2003. 2nd printing. The long awaited first volume of Night Shade's Collected Fictions of William Hope Hodgson. Contents: Introduction by Jeremy Lassen. The Boats of the “Glen Carrig”. The Sargasso Sea Stories: From the Tideless Sea Part 1, From the Tideless Sea Part 2: More News From the Homebird, The Mystery of the Derelict, The Finding of the Graiken, The Thing in the Weeds, The Call In the Dawn, The Exploits of Captain Gault Contraband of War, From Information Received, The Case of the Curio Dealer, The Diamond Spy, The Drum of Saccharine, The Red Herring, The German Spy, The Painted Lady, The Problem of the Pearls, My Lady’s Jewels, The Adventure of the Garter, Trading with the Enemy, The Plans of the Reefing Bi-Plane, The Adventures of Captain Jat The Island of the Ud, Adventure of the Headland, Stories of Cargunka: The Bells of the Laughing Sally, The Adventure with the Claim Jumpers, A Note On The Texts. Fine, without dj as issued. Actually quite a spectacular production.