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BEST NEW HORROR #1: 25th ANNIVERSARY ED Jones/Campbell (eds) 1st ed TP UK IMPORT

BEST NEW HORROR #1: 25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION edited by Stephen Jones & Ramsey Campbell. Hornsea, East Yorkshire, UK; PS Publishing; 2014. 1st trade paperback edition.

AN ANTHOLOGY edited by Stephen Jones & Ramsey Campbell.


PUBLICATION DATE September 2014.


COVER DESIGN Smith & Jones.

PAGES 401.

EDITION: Unsigned Trade Paperback ISBN 978-1-848637-95-5.


25th Anniversary Edition - Best New Horror #1

Introduction: Horror in 1989 The Editors, Pin Robert R. McCammon, The House on Cemetery Street Cherry Wilder, The Horn Stephen Gallagher, Breaking Up Alex Quiroba, It Helps if You Sing Ramsey Campbell, Closed Circuit Laurence Staig, Carnal House Steve Rasnic Tem, Twitch Technicolor Kim Newman, Lizaveta Gregory Frost, Snow Cancellations Donald R. Burleson, Archway Nicholas Royle, The Strange Design of Master Rignolo Thomas Ligotti, . . . To Feel Anothers Woe Chet Williamson, The Last Day of Miss Dorinda Molyneaux Robert Westall, No Sharks in the Med Brian Lumley, Mort au Monde D.F. Lewis, Blanca Thomas Tessier, The Eye of the Ayatollah Ian Watson, At First Just Ghostly Karl Edward Wagner, Bad News Richard Laymon, Necrology: 1989 Stephen Jones & Kim Newman.