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ATTACK OF THE JAZZ GIANTS by Gregory Frost. Collinsville, IL; Golden Gryphon Press; 2005. 1st edition hardcover. The New York Times Book Review calls Gregory Frost "merciless and artful." You'll see why in his collection of masterful conjurations.

The Nebula, Hugo, Tiptree, International Horror Guild, and World Fantasy Award finalist takes you on a journey of wonders and nightmares. It's a midnight odyssey to a shadowland where vehicles feast on vagrants . . . where Poe's final days are revealed . . . where factory workers are exploited by an apparition of the Virgin Mary . . . and where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart pinwheels through the corridors of Time.

On this pilgrimage we discover the apocalyptic entity that hides in a Ukranian village. We're taken to a crossroads where the Castle of Otranto bleeds into the Depression-Era South accompanied by the rollicking music of Kid Ory and Bix Beiderbecke. Frost's fourteen excursions include an account of the horror that dwells in Jack the Ripper's pocket watch, and features a brand new novella a slam-bang interplanetary "Road" picture peppered with Hope & Crosby japery and more than a dash of Flash Gordon.

New York Times bestselling author Karen Joy Fowler provides the Foreword; Nebula Award-winning author John Kessel provides the Afterword. Notes by the author are included to take you behind the stories, each of them as compelling and lucid as a cracked-open dream.

Cover art by World Fantasy Award-winning artist Jason Van Hollander.

"For all too many, alas, the wonderful and peculiar lands that Gregory Frost has created have remained undiscovered territory. But with this retrospective, a longstanding literary injustice has been put right. Greg effortlessly combines a sense of history with a sense of humor, an artist's delicate sensibility with a humanist's passionate engagement with the world as it is, and might be. With Attack of the Jazz Giants, Greg claims his rightful place as one of the most talented short story writers of my generation." James Patrick Kelly, Hugo Award-winning author of "Think Like a Dinosaur"

"Attack of the Jazz Giants is a notable collection, likely to stand as one of the best of 2005." Nick Gevers, Locus, May 2005

Fine in fine dj. This copy SIGNED by the author.