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THE ASH-TREE PRESS ANNUAL MACABRE 2003 GHOSTS AT 'THE CORNHILL 1931-1939' edited by Jack Adrian. Ashcroft, BC: Ash-Tree Press, 2003. 1st hardcover edition. The later years of the Victorian era are justly famous for many things, not least the extraordinary flowering of monthly and weekly magazines which sprang up to cater to the newly literate middle classes. Among the most famous—and successful—of these magazines was The Cornhill, which was created in 1860 and outlasted all its rivals, finally closing its doors in 1975. From the start, The Cornhill featured some of the finest storytellers British literature had to offer; and from the 1890s onwards, its respective editors allowed their obvious fondness for the ghostly tale to find an outlet in the pages of the magazine. Jack Adrian has uncovered many weird tales in the pages of The Cornhill, only one of which has seen print since its original publication. This, the second of two Annual Macabres highlighting the magazine's supernatural content, contains stories ranging from the odd to the horrific: a rich mix of the weird, the outré, and the downright horrid. CONTENTS: Introduction by Jack Adrian 'The Garden House' by W. M. Letts 'The Eyes of the Moor' by Joyce Kilburn 'The House of Desolation' y Alan Griff 'The Sword' by Mary Webb 'The Street He Never Found' by Elizabeth Horsfall 'The Climb' by C. Gordon Glover 'The Barwick Stone' by Winifred Peck 'And No Ghost Walks' by M. A. Peart 'Hallucination' by Anthony ffettyplace 'The Bell' by M. A. Peart 'Between Two World' by Mary Lutyens 'Vibrations' by Anthony ffettyplace 'Children of the Rectory' by Kathleen Collison-Morley 'Curious Adventure of Mr Bond' by Nugent Barker 'Can These Things Be?' by Maud Diver Notes and Sources Jacket art is by Rob Suggs; Limited to 500 copies. Fine in fine dj.